Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect (Xbox Live Arcade)

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Red Bull Announces Crashed Ice Kinect

Posted Wed, 29 Aug 2012 by Ken Barnes

Free Ice Skating? Cool.

Free Ice Skating? Cool.

Advergaming Gets Cool

Red Bull Media has announced that they currently working with Austrian developer Bongfish on a new Kinect-based Xbox Live Arcade title.

Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect is a take on the popular real-life extreme ice skating feats found in the Red Bull Crashed Ice event. In case you haven't heard of it, the Crashed Ice series sees real-life ice skaters being pitted against each other at the top of what is essentially a 500 metre downhill ice run. They have to fight their way through a course that features chicanes, rollers, and jumps, in order to get to the finish line first. Billed as the World's "most extreme winter sport" - it seems like a perfect fit for a videogame.

The new title will contain five authentic Red Bull Crashed Ice tracks, allow Xbox Live multiplayer play and of course, is designed for Kinect. A few party modes will be thrown in for good measure, and if you want to get a little physical in your lounge, a split-screen mode is included.

There's no release date as yet but the game is expected to hit before Christmas, and will be playable at PAX in a few days, so expect to see more as the week progresses.

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  • Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect (Xbox Live Arcade)

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