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Madden NFL 13 Recognises Thousands of Commands

Posted Fri, 03 Aug 2012 by Ken Barnes

"48, 22, 19! Oh, we've already started..."

Over 6,000, in fact.

Victor Lugo, the designer who's been working on Kinect implementation in Madden NFL 13 over at EA, has confirmed in a conversation with Eurogamer that the game will recognise some 6,000 voice commands.

Using a new system entitled "Dynamic Grammars", the team have made it so that each sound heard by the game is broken down phonically, rather than being checked for similarity against a list of pre-determined words. This means that you can call out the name of every player in the game, as well as any custom-created players, and they'll respond accordingly.

So, you can shout "Barnes. Streak. O Line. Defensive. Set hike!" and not have to fiddle with your audible menus. Users will also be allowed to use the controller also of course, so you could - for example - call half the play with your voice and finish it off with your controller inputs, which would be great for offline multiplayer shenanigans.

Eurogamer has the full skinny. Madden NFL 13 is expected to hit the US on August 28th, and the EU on August 31st.


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