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Fruit Ninja Goes 8-Bit

Posted Tue, 28 Aug 2012 by Ken Barnes

Slice Them Fruits, Future Boy!

Slice Them Fruits, Future Boy!

New DLC Goes Back In Time

You remember when we used to play blocky, simplistic titles that took four hours to load from cassette, and that were completable in just an hour or two?

Remember how those games were the greatest things ever?

Well, Halfbrick are aboard that train of thought it seems, and have announced new DLC for Fruit Ninja Kinect, entitled "8-Bit Cartridge".

The new DLC takes your Fruit Ninja Kinect experience back to the 80s, by adding a new chiptune-based soundtrack and a blocky, pixelated style that should get fans of retro games going wild. Included in the DLC is the Super Retro Land background, Game Man player shadow, and the Pixel Love blade.

Fruit Ninja Kinect: 8-Bit Cartridge will be available from Friday, 31st August, and will cost 160 MSP. Can't wait until then? Well, we've grabbed the trailer so you can have a sneaky peek...

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