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EA Sports to Bring Kinect to More Titles

Posted Fri, 10 Aug 2012 by Ken Barnes

Maddennfl13 02

Maddennfl13 02

EA Sports Boss Sees Opportunities

We're super-pumped to see the likes of FIFA 13 and Madden NFL 13 appear on our release schedule complete with Kinect support, but EA Sports aren't about to stop there, according to an interview published by MCV this morning.

Andrew Wilson, the big boss at EA Sports suggested that using voice commands are "as big an opportunity" as is presented by motion control.

Certainly when we embarked on using Kinect for FIFA and Madden, we sat down and watched people play our games. The same when we put Kinect into Tiger Woods, we sat and watched people play our games. In Tiger everyone always wanted to swing, the Wii, Move and Kinect gave you that opportunity. It was natural. It enhanced the experience. It was how we wanted to play. You want to swing and feel like you’re Tiger on the first tee.

When we looked at people playing FIFA and Madden, what we noticed was that they screamed at the screen a lot. A lot. They were pushing the buttons, and simultaneously shouting commands, almost at themselves. It felt like a natural transition for us to make that screaming mean something. I’m actually really excited about what we’ve done.

I think when people heard about Kinect they thought it was all about motion but voice control is profound and changes the way you play. So in terms of ‘will that be seen in more games?’, yeah I think it will, because most gamers are shouting at the screen for some reason. When we look at the future, we see that as big an opportunity as we as do motion control.

This bodes well for Kinect owners, and certainly for whatever Microsoft chooses to do with regards to Kinect 2 in the next generation.


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