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Land a NASA Mars Rover With Kinect

Posted Tue, 17 Jul 2012 by Thomas Whitehead

Hopefully NASA's control room is spacious and well-lit

Hopefully NASA's control room is spacious and well-lit

If you can find space

As we all know, Kinect makes you the controller for a variety of things, such as carnival mini-games, swinging lightsabers and dancing badly. It's with surprise, therefore, that we tell you about the free Kinect game from NASA, where you land the Curiosity rover onto the surface of Mars.

This is a real life mission currently underway, and indie-developer Smoking Gun Interactive has produced this simulation — Mars Rover Landing — for anyone to try. Rather than using a console with lots of complicated buttons, your task will be to replace those inputs with body wiggles and, potentially, silly poses. At the very least, however, it could be a very different way to pass some time on your 360.

This free download is available now from Xbox Marketplace, and for those of you that care it's also worth 50 on your Gamerscore.


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