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FIFA 13 Voice Commands Detailed

Posted Mon, 23 Jul 2012 by Ken Barnes

Come on, Ref!

We found out about FIFA 13 getting Kinect voice support back at E3, but details were a little bit sparse.

EA have today confirmed a few more pieces of information about the new functionality, with voice commands promising to provide a surprising new layer of depth to the game. As well as being able to call for substitutions and change tactics when managing your team, you'll also be able to argue with the referee. Swearing or making references to the ref's mum may well cause the man in black to be stricter with your team as the game goes on, and repeated infractions will trigger career mode storylines.

In the game's Be A Pro mode, you'll be able to call for passes, send teammates on runs, and call for shots. If the whole thing works acceptably, you have to believe that being able to bellow "I'LL 'AVE IT!" as you charge into the box will be worth the price of entry alone.

FIFA 13 releases with Kinect support on September 28th.


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