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This Video Wants to Convince You Kinect Star Wars Has Depth

Posted Tue, 20 Mar 2012 by James Newton

It's Force time

It's Force time

Oh, and it's got dancing

Kinect Star Wars is just a few weeks away — yes, really — and Microsoft is launching its final (rebel) assault on your senses to convince you to purchase its biggest Kinect title.

What began life as an intriguing Jedi simulator has since grown to include pod-racing and, er, dancing, aiming to be all things to all Star Wars fans.

Does this video do enough to win you over to the Dark Side or has the rancour won?

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1. wiggadun Bahamas 21 Mar 2012, 13:25 GMT

dance central1 & 2 , dance paradise, just dance 3, just dance kids, nickelodeon dance , victorious time to shine? zumba fitness, chipwrecked, country dance..... SERIOUSLY NOW DO WE REALLY NEED A STAR WARS DANCE?? I really hope that this does not fall flat and disappoints.


2. DalekNation United States 21 Mar 2012, 15:10 GMT

I hear you. Kind of scary that about a year ago we were given a very unspectacular demonstration of the light-saber battle... torn down by tracking issues like most Kinect games have. Now we have a video promoting other 'neat' things you can do in the game, but hey, did you fix the light-saber or not? Don't know about you guys, but the only thing that ever interested me was doing 'Jedi stuff', but this video looks more like a collectioin of mini-games.


3. teamdoa United Kingdom 21 Mar 2012, 16:12 GMT

Yeah, the only thing I was interested in was the lightsaber combat stuff. I've got a feeling that they added all the extra things because that part of the game isn't that great. All I wanted was a massive story adventure with you kicking ass fighting with a lightsaber, but now we seem to have what appears to be another "party" mini game release.


4. teamdoa United Kingdom 21 Mar 2012, 16:15 GMT

Saying all that, I will still buy it. Does anyone know what the pre-order bonuses will be? I saw one, which was Aurra Sing. Are there any others?


5. wiggadun Bahamas 22 Mar 2012, 13:02 GMT

I agree, they said that they have improved the motion tracking but from the updated game play clips it still looks a bit laggy and i wished that they just focused on improving that aspect of the game instead of adding other modes. I got turned off after seeing that they included a dance mode bcuz i dnt really believe it is needed.


6. Tasuki United States 23 Mar 2012, 04:56 GMT

The only reason I am getting this game is cause it comes with the special edition Star Wars Xbox other than that I would probably just rent this game.

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