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New Kinect Star Wars Trailer Shows the Force

Posted Mon, 12 Mar 2012 by Thomas Whitehead

A fan's dream, right?

A fan's dream, right?

Is it from the dark side?

Kinect Star Wars is only a few weeks away, potentially giving gamers an opportunity to live out some long held fantasies. That's the idea, in any case, and some promotional footage for the game seems to try and show the variety of the experience.

With footage of podracing, lightsaber duelling and, bizarrely, dancing, this montage seems to demonstrate a title targeting as many different kinds of gamers as possible. Have a watch below and let us know what you think.


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1. ManicMilner United Kingdom 12 Mar 2012, 23:39 GMT

Still looks poor, and the dance mode what the force?? Was looking forward to this but after seeing the trailers it looks very weak, hope I'm wrong though!


2. wiggadun Bahamas 13 Mar 2012, 13:24 GMT

I tot so as well.... When i saw the dance mode I got turned off from this game. I dont understand why a dancing mode was even put in this game in the 1st place.


3. ThomasBW84 United Kingdom 13 Mar 2012, 16:17 GMT

As an outsider looking in when this first popped up at E3, I thought this was supposed to be some sort of hardcore offering for Kinect. What on earth happened?


4. SpaceKappa United States 13 Mar 2012, 16:29 GMT

Dear God no.


5. teamdoa United Kingdom 14 Mar 2012, 11:30 GMT

I think you can pass utter rubbish off as being "ok" if it is aimed at a younger audience.


6. Algorhythm United States 15 Mar 2012, 01:52 GMT

Everyone takes things too seriously. IT'S A VIDEOGAME!!! So the dancing looks ridiculous...have some fun with it. If you have kids, they'll love it, if you're older - get drunk then try it!


7. Tasuki United States 23 Mar 2012, 04:57 GMT

The only reason I am getting this game is cause it comes with the special edition Star Wars Xbox.

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