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TV App Crackle Pops Onto Xbox Live UK

Posted Thu, 02 Feb 2012 by James Newton

Hopefully it won't fizzle out

Hopefully it won't fizzle out

Oh snap

The number of entertainment apps available through Xbox Live just keeps growing, with Crackle the latest to join the ranks in the UK.

The ad-supported app — from Sony Pictures, no less — offers free movies to Xbox Live Gold members and is, of course, compatible with Kinect.

What are you waiting for?

Xbox 360 is continuing to building on its expansive catalogue of live and on-demand television, movies, sports and music that you control using your voice and gestures, thanks to the power of Kinect. We’re happy to announce* that the following new entertainment experience has rolled out in the UK on the Xbox LIVE service:

· Crackle (Sony Pictures). Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom

In addition to these apps, we will continue to enhance and expand our global entertainment offerings on Xbox LIVE in 2012. We’ll keep you updated as more of the world’s leading entertainment providers come to Xbox and additional entertainment apps rollout on the console

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1. Tasuki United States 04 Feb 2012, 02:02 GMT

I notice this app on my Xbox when I went to watch something on Netflix last night so it looks like NA got the app as well.


2. dirtyvu United States 04 Feb 2012, 02:14 GMT

free TV and movies (ad-supported, of course)!!!

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