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Lady Gaga Dance Central 2 DLC Reaches The Edge of Glory

Posted Mon, 21 Nov 2011 by James Newton

Born this way, sadly

Born this way, sadly

New tracks in tomorrow

Dance Central 2's tracklisting is about to get an extra injection of the fame monster soon, as two more tracks from maverick popstar/serial show-off Lady Gaga are set to hit the game tomorrow.

Marry the Night and The Edge of Glory will hit the Marketplace tomorrow for 240 Microsoft Points each, joining Bad Romance and Born This Way on the DC2 disc and Just Dance and Poker Face in the original Dance Central.

Dance pop fans will get another slice of AAA DLC soon, as two new Rihanna tracks hit the store in December.

In the meantime, here's the footage of Gaga and DC2 playing nicely.

We’re excited to announce that two new downloadable songs from pop sensation Lady Gaga will be available tomorrow, 22nd November, for “Dance Central 2” on Kinect for Xbox 360! These tracks bolster an already diverse and stellar track list of more than 100 songs available to “Dance Central 2” players through on-discs tracks, song importing from the original “Dance Central” and downloadable songs on Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Two hit songs from Lady Gaga’s second studio album, 2011’s Born This Way, “Marry the Night” and “The Edge of Glory,” will be available to download, only on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, for 240 Microsoft Points each. These are just two of the latest Lady Gaga songs added to a line-up that includes “Bad Romance” and “Born This Way” on “Dance Central 2.” Be sure to export “Just Dance” and “Poker Face” from the original “Dance Central,” to play all 6 songs with your “Dance Central 2” disc!

In addition, this December, you’ll be able to dance to new heart-thumping tracks from Rihanna! Stay tuned for more details on the release of Rihanna’s hit tracks, and additional downloadable content for “Dance Central 2.”

For more information about “Dance Central 2,” including a complete track listing of the more than 40 songs available on-disc, spanning a variety of genres from rock to pop, please visit

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