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Help Bodoink Get Made and Maybe Get a Steak Dinner

Posted Tue, 29 Nov 2011 by James Newton

Bodoink doink

Bodoink doink

It'll make sense

Fed up of developers making Kinect games you have no interest in buying? Want to help someone create a game you actually might like? That's why Robomodo is asking for your help funding Bodoink, an Xbox Live Arcade game made just for Kinect.

Using crowdfunding website Kickstarter, Robomodo is hoping to attract $35,000 by 28th December in order to finish the game and see it published. You can donate as little as $1 right up to $5,000, with each value having its own associated reward that range from stickers up to signed copies if Tony Hawk Shred. Surely the best, however, is the $1,000 prize for anyone based in the Chicago area:

Only for Chicagoans, spend two days at Robomodo to see how the game is put together. Get Design Consultant credit and have Robomodo's President, Josh Tsui make you a great steak dinner at the studio, all on video. If you're a vegetarian, can't help you on this one. This prize is subject to scheduling. If given as a gift, you will be given a special certificate to give to your special someone for the holidays.

$1,000 to help a Kinect game get made and eat a steak dinner? Sign us up.


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1. SpaceKappa United States 29 Nov 2011, 18:46 GMT

I'm tempted to toss them $50 just so I can get my name in a video game!

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