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Yoostar on MTV Trailer Could Make You Famous

Posted Mon, 17 Oct 2011 by James Newton

The D O double G is pleased

The D O double G is pleased

No talent required

This year's Yoostar 2 let you play the starring role in countless Hollywood films, but you needed a modicum of acting ability — or at least a basic reading capability — to get the most out of it. Follow-up Yoostar on MTV, which puts you in MTV shows or music videos, should take care of that entry barrier nicely.

The game will feature ten music videos for you to mime along to, although only two will be included on the disc: the others are free downloadable content from Xbox Live Marketplace.

Publisher Yoostar is promising an improved performance due to a "completely revamped" green screen experience dubbed VGS 2.0, which hopefully will reduce or eliminate some of the more frustrating moments from the original game.

Here's a trailer to feast your eyes on, anyway:


New Video Shows How Anyone Can Star in Today’s Music Videos.

This holiday season, Yoostar is set to deliver a new era in music entertainment by reimagining the way that fans enjoy their favorite artists’ music video performances … by letting them star in the videos and broadcasting them to the world in Yoostar on MTV!

Yoostar on MTV for Kinect for Xbox 360 takes karaoke to a whole new level by adding 10 of today’s hottest videos into the mix in addition to 70 scenes from MTV shows and events. The game feeds players the lyrics as they sing and perform in a shortened, yet seamless, version of the original video. Then watch as the players are inserted into the video with Yoostar’s completely revamped virtual green screen technology or VGS 2.0.

Want to perform in the video but don’t have the pipes to belt out the song? No problem! With the special Lip Dub feature, players can leave the singing to the professionals and focus on their performance only.*

Videos featured in Yoostar on MTV are:
§ 50 Cent: In Da Club
§ The All-American Rejects: Gives You Hell
§ Diddy-Dirty Money ft. Skylar Grey: Coming Home
§ Far East Movement: Rocketeer
§ Lady Gaga: Bad Romance
§ Lady Gaga: Born This Way
§ LMFAO: Party Rock Anthem
§ Maroon 5: Makes Me Wonder
§ Snoop Dogg: Drop It Like It’s Hot
§ Weezer: Pork and Beans

Stay tuned to Yoostar on MTV in the coming weeks as we reveal more details and exciting new features. Yoostar on MTV will be available this holiday season for $29.99 with a ‘T’ for Teen rating.

*2 lip dub versions on disc; 8 others available through free Xbox LIVE download.

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