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Rabbids Alive and Kicking in New Augmented Reality Video

Posted Wed, 19 Oct 2011 by James Newton

Lick it up. All of it.

Lick it up. All of it.

Coming to invade your home

Ubisoft's experiments in the world of virtual reality rabbits have reached a critical point, and their bizarre creations — the Rabbids — are out and about in the real world, and we have the footage to prove it.

This new trailer for Raving Rabbids: Alive and Kicking for Kinect shows the game's augmented reality features in full effect, letting players and Rabbids co-exist in the same space.

We played the game back in July, so read through our Raving Rabbids: Alive and Kicking preview for more information on only on the Rabbids' second-ever appearance on Xbox 360.

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  • Raving Rabbids: Alive and Kicking (Xbox 360)

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1. RuneHawk6101 Netherlands 19 Oct 2011, 17:08 BST

i have 1 ting to say..............................DHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

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