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ESRB Rating Might Get You Interested in Dance Magic

Posted Sun, 16 Oct 2011 by James Newton

Fight! Or dance. We forget.

Fight! Or dance. We forget.

No, David Copperfield isn't in it

This Christmas sees the battle of the dance heavyweights — Just Dance 3 versus Dance Central 2 — but there's already a new contender lined up for next year: Dance Magic.

This isn't just a regular dance game though — characters have magic attacks needed to drain your opponents' energy bars. There's offensive and defensive moves on offer, which hopefully will add a bit of strategy to the grooving.

The ESRB also makes this delightful observation:

Of the seven selectable dancers, one female character (Succubus) is depicted in a revealing outfit (e.g., short skirt, moderately exposed cleavage), and performs suggestive dance moves (e.g., pelvic thrusts).

That's what the dance game genre has been missing: provocative demons battling each other. We feel better already knowing Dance Magic will address this huge gap in February 2012.

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