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Zoo Makes Minute to Win It Official

Posted Wed, 21 Sep 2011 by James Newton

Who's this guy?

Who's this guy?

About time

Way, way back in May we told you that popular TV game show Minute to Win It was coming to Kinect. Now publisher Zoo Games has stunned us all by announcing that popular TV game show Minute to Win It is coming to Kinect.

Launching in North America on 18th October for a budget $29.99, the game supports two players at a time with the option to have four players take it in turns, as well as the usual single player shenanigans too. You'll also be able to watch your greatest triumphs — or failures — with video replays.

The game's developed by Dance Paradise developer Smackdown Productions, so check those expectations now.


Drop your controller for the Kinect version of NBC's popular competition series featuring the voice and likeness of Guy Fieri

CINCINNATI, OHIO (USA) – September 21, 2011– Video game publisher Zoo Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ CM: ZOOG) is proud to announce the Fall 2011 release of "Minute to Win It"™ for Xbox 360®.

"Minute to Win It" utilizes the Xbox 360 Kinect™ Sensor to offer controller-less reality gaming fun for the whole family. Literally jump into the action with your Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor to compete in twenty deceptively difficult 60-second challenges taken right from NBC's hit competitive series, "Minute To Win It." Similar to what is seen on television, "Minute to Win It" features the likeness of celebrity chef and host Guy Fieri who guides you throughout the game.

"The premise of the 'Minute to Win It' game show translates perfectly to a Kinect experience because the real physical challenges of the game can be implemented using a hands-free control mechanism," said Mark Seremet, CEO of Zoo Games, Inc. "What we’ve noticed during the focus group testing was that players who weren’t familiar with the show still had an amazing time playing the game. It’s just inherently fun. Also, one of the most entertaining aspects of any Kinect game is watching video replays of yourself and others and in 'Minute to Win It' for Kinect we have set up challenges that will lead to hilarious and entertaining video reels."

"With the release of 'Minute to Win It' for Kinect, families will now have an amazing player experience to recreate the challenges directly adapted from the hit NBC series in the comforts of their home," said Kim Niemi, senior vice president, NBCUniversal Television Consumer Products Group. "No matter the occasion, families and friends can partake in the fun and excitement as they race against the clock."

Catch ping pong balls in "Bucket Head," hit oranges into a circle using a banana on a string in "How's It Hangin'" and bounce coins into a jug in "Supercoin" to try and win $1,000,000.

"Minute to Win It," developed by Smackdown Productions and licensed through NBC Universal Television Consumer Products Group , includes four single-player modes and six multi-player modes with two-player co-op and four-player turn-based action.

"Minute to Win It" for Kinect is rated "E" for "Everyone" by the ESRB and will be available October 18, 2011, for Xbox 360 for $29.99.
For more information about "Minute to Win It" for Kinect including screen shots and videos, visit the game's site at MinuteToWinItKinect.com and follow the game on Facebook.

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