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Nyko Zoom Reaches United Kingdom Next Month

Posted Fri, 16 Sep 2011 by James Newton

Will you be shelling out?

Will you be shelling out?

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The Nyko Zoom add-on for Kinect is causing quite a stir in North America at the moment — our US wing is preparing for a full review soon — but Britons need not feel left out, as the space-saving attachment will make it across the pond in October.

Interactive Ideas is one of the distributors preparing to provide the accessory to retailers next month, with the cost to consumers expected to be around £29.99, not a bad price considering the Zoom claims to cut the space needed to play Kinect by 40%.

We'll bring a full review of the Nyko Zoom in the near future.


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1. AppleSprode United Kingdom 16 Sep 2011, 15:45 BST

From what I've gathered at various different sources, it is VERY hit and miss. Some have said it works perfectly, others have said it makes things worse. For some it depends on the game. It's obviously a hard thing to review, because you can't recommend something that works in your set-up but not others,


2. PlaysWithWolves United States 18 Sep 2011, 19:25 BST

I hope you don't mind a mini-review:

I got mine the first day it was available in America, but only used it for ten minutes and just haven't gotten back to give it an extensive test.

-It's more complicated to take out of the packaging than to actually install the accessory.

-It doesn't seem to work on something that uses the player's picture. Avatar Kinect simply couldn't tell when my head matched up to the shape so it could take my picture.

-It improved greatly the Kinect's tracking for menu items, whether in-game or in-lobby.

-It improved the necessary space. No longer was I limited to just being in the "good" zone — I was able to get into the "best" zone and even had a little room to spare in my limited space.

-The one game I tried from Kinect Adventures Rally Balls seemed sluggish as I tried to hit the balls. Or was that me? I haven't played in months.

I look forward to reading Kinectaku's experience, as well as any others'.


3. teamdoa United Kingdom 23 Sep 2011, 22:45 BST

Anyone else got any reviews of this? It would be good to see how it performs in a number of games.

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