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New Nickelodeon Trailer Emerges Victorious

Posted Mon, 26 Sep 2011 by James Newton

Rise and shine

Rise and shine

Become famous

Superstar actress, singer, dancer and all-around pre-teen icon Victoria Justice is beating equally talented youngsters like Justin Bieber in getting her own video game. Victorious: Time to Shine is due for launch in North America in November this year, and here's the first trailer of the game in action.

Interestingly the dancing sections seem to differ from the standard Kinect template slightly: rather than you copying your on-screen instructor's actions, your virtual self seems to respond to your movements. Think the difference between Dance Central animation and the movement-tracking in Kinect Sports.

Whether or not the game will be any good or not is still to be seen. We know which outcome we're betting on, but we won't say which one just yet.

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  • Victorious: Time to Shine (Xbox 360)

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