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Gamestop Outs Ubisoft Family Quiz Games for Kinect

Posted Tue, 20 Sep 2011 by James Newton

What Ubisoft sees.

What Ubisoft sees.

Our survey says...

Good old Gamestop, listing games we've never heard of. Where would the world of Internet Kinect news reporting be without you? This time around the venerable retailer has listed a pair of new family-friendly games from Ubisoft, both of which are based on quiz shows.

First up there's Family Feud 2012, which our European readers may know better as Family Fortunes. As you'd expect it uses Kinect to let you shout out the answers, though any other uses for the sensor are currently under wraps.

Ubisoft is also preparing The Price is Right: The Decades, another quiz show inviting you to come on down to the living room. What would you wager on this one also using Kinect for voice recognition and little else?

Both games are set for release in North America on 18th October. More on both these titles as we hear it, or Gamestop reveals it, whichever happens first.


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