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Indie Kinect Game Evade is Strangely Spiritual Looking

Posted Tue, 12 Jul 2011 by James Newton

Look out!

Look out!

Blocks are bad

We're just going to come out and say it: independent PC developers have come up with some of the best stuff for Kinect so far. While we're expected to pay for the likes of Let's Dance with Mel B, anyone who's hooked their Kinect up to a computer can enjoy free indie software just like Evade.

The game's premise is pretty obvious: evade blocks that attempt to push you off a platform, moving around the room to stay out of the way. It's not just 2D action though, as you'll need to jump over or duck under certain blocks to stay out of the way.

It's either the low-key graphical style or simple pleasure of avoiding things that makes the game look more relaxing than it should be. It's a free download for PC users and well worth a look.

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1. Acekidder United Kingdom 12 Jul 2011, 16:05 BST

Ok for a freebie but hardly better then the likes of kinect sports, adventures, dance central or child of eden not to mention all the upcoming second wave kinect titles.


2. James United Kingdom 12 Jul 2011, 16:33 BST

You're dead right, but I'd love to see this concept taken further in an XBLA game, for example.


3. Acekidder United Kingdom 12 Jul 2011, 18:17 BST

Yeah or even just tightened up and given as a freebie on kinect funlabs that would be cool are you listening M$?? make it happen :)


4. userwords Spain 13 Jul 2011, 01:26 BST

accuracy is much better than any of those million budget title and with less lag. wtf is going on.


5. Gertmint United Kingdom 13 Jul 2011, 10:45 BST

This is cool err so how do I set up my PC to play this and other hacks?? i've downloaded the game.


6. Scrat 16 Jul 2011, 02:15 BST

I am one of the two developers of this game. Currently we take part in the ASUS Developer Challenge and now we need you for the final voting:

If you like our game please take your time to vote for us. This would be very kind and a BIG thank you in advance should you decide to give us a vote!
cheers, Edwin Guggenbichler

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