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Crytek Fell in Love with Kinect When Creating Ryse

Posted Mon, 04 Jul 2011 by James Newton

Scribbling Kinect's name on its exercise books

Scribbling Kinect's name on its exercise books

"It's really easy"

Not all developers have what it takes to create a great Kinect game — a quick look at our Kinect reviews is enough to prove that — but Crytek thinks it's cracked it with first-person brawler Ryse. Microsoft Studios' Phil Spencer thinks he knows why, revealing to OXM that the developer has fallen in love with the sensor.

The Microsoft-Crytek story starts several years ago, before Crysis and Far Cry, when Microsoft approached the studio about becoming a first-party developer. According to Spencer, Microsoft felt it had "enough military future shooters", so the deal was off. That said, if Xbox 360 had "enough" futuristic military FPS games in 2006, we wonder how many it has now Call of Duty has taken off.

Still, since then Crytek has become quite enamoured with the sensor, Spencer says:

[Later] they came up with this idea around Ryse, and now they've really fallen in love with Kinect, and it's a perfect marriage for us.

It's no wonder the studio is so impressed, as its engine licensing director Carl Jones enthuses about the support the team received from Microsoft:

It’s been really, really easy getting the CryEngine working with Kinect. Microsoft has built it extremely well and it’s easy to use. They’ve given a lot of assistance, both in terms of technical support, samples and hands-on expertise, now we’re trying to push it in new directions to do some clever stuff.

Let's hope some of that clever stuff falls into place when the game hits shelves. Here's the E3 2011 trailer to whet your appetite.

Source: 360magazine.co.uk, oxm.co.uk.

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1. linkster55 Canada 04 Jul 2011, 19:19 BST

I'm really looking forward to this one, and all their future projects!


2. Ria United States 04 Jul 2011, 20:03 BST

Eh, I'm gonna pass on this one. Something about murdering virtual people without pushing buttons on a controller just makes me uncomfortable.


3. Acekidder United Kingdom 12 Jul 2011, 16:24 BST

Cant wait to get hands on with this crytek are a great company and i am sure they wont disappoint it could end up up being the definitive core game that gets the naysayers on board.

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