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Avatar Kinect Launch Video Shows Off New Features

Posted Fri, 15 Jul 2011 by James Newton

This is her permanent facial expression. Tragic.

This is her permanent facial expression. Tragic.

And lots of smiles

While we're still left waiting for a solid release date for online chatroom Avatar Kinect, 123Kinect has spotted a new video detailing some of the software's functions.

The video takes you through the steps required to set up your own talk show or tailgate party using the software, including the ability to trigger cheers, streamers and applause as appropriate. It seems a reasonably versatile piece of kit, though we still have reservations about the sensor's ability to track facial expressions.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think about Avatar Kinect, including any guesses about when it might actually come out.


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1. canadian_kid Canada 15 Jul 2011, 18:46 BST

I really wish for once and all they'd give the general public an answer to when avatar kinect will be released. Here we sit idle and wait till Microsoft doesn't say a thing to when this is going to be a reality. What are they waiting for?


2. James United Kingdom 15 Jul 2011, 20:09 BST

No idea! I think they were waiting for Fun Labs rather than release this solus, but now Fun Labs is out there's no real reason for delay. Hopefully within a few weeks, eh..?

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