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At Last, Bash Some Heads with Kung Fu High Impact

Posted Tue, 26 Jul 2011 by James Newton

Take that!

Take that!

Kick some tail, too

It might not be quite the same as the kung fu game pictured in the early Kinect trailers, but Kung Fu High Impact is the closest we're going to get.

A side-scrolling brawler that "literally transports you into the action" — so the announcement reads — PlayStation 3 owners might actually recognise the game as a more advanced version of Kung-Fu Live, a PSN download from last year that hardly thrilled. However, Kinect is obviously a more capable camera than the PlayStation Eye, so hopefully the game will fare better on 360.

It's also interesting to note that the game will be a retail release on Xbox, not an Xbox Live download, so presumably the game really has been enhanced over its PlayStation origins. We'll soon see: the game is released later this year.

Kung Fu High Impact on Kinect for Xbox 360 Transforms You into a True Martial Arts Superstar
Put down the antiquated controller and truly enter the fray as you kick, punch, and leap your way through a thrilling full-body adventure.
Marina Del Rey, CA - July 26, 2011 - UTV Ignition Games today announced that it will partner with leading European publisher Black Bean Games and talented game developer Virtual Air Guitar Company to bring Kung Fu High Impact to Kinect™ for Xbox 360®.

The title will be available worldwide in November 2011 and will be published by Black Bean Games across the PAL territories and by UTV Ignition Games in the Americas, following the recent deal between the two companies.

"Black Bean Games is excited that our first simultaneous worldwide release will be a fresh, innovative, and terribly cool game for Kinect," said Luisa Bixio, managing director of Leader Spa, the company holding the Black Bean Games publishing label. "Today it would be impossible to replicate this game as it is on any other platform; we asked Virtual Air Guitar Company to tailor this fantastic concept to Kinect for Xbox 360, trying to achieve something unique. We believe we've got it."

Kung Fu High Impact is the first of its kind for Kinect for Xbox 360--a side-scrolling brawler that uses the peripheral's incredibly accurate body tracking technology to insert the real image of the player on screen. The gamer will be literally transported into the action, as he or she will be able to see real-life combat movements interacting with the enemies and objects on screen.

"Kinect for Xbox 360 truly allows developers to push the game-design envelope with completely new gameplay concepts that appeal to a wide variety of players, and we're elated to work with Black Bean Games and Virtual Air Guitar Company to bring this riotously enjoyable, family-friendly romp to living rooms across the Americas this fall," said Lokesh Dhar, senior vice president at UTV Ignition Games.

With a wide range of game modes to discover, a memorable story in the spirit of classic Kung-Fu films, compelling survival challenges, and a wild multiplayer mode, Kung Fu High Impact delivers pure fun as well as a challenging gaming experience to test your fighting skills and burn calories in the privacy of your living room.

"I'm extremely excited to announce Kung-Fu High Impact and the cooperation between our companies. Whether you are looking to feel epic by smashing immediately responsive enemies through the air, brawl against your friends and family, or simply get a six-pack into the works while having fun, Kung-Fu High Impact will be ready to put you into the action," said Teemu Mäki-Patola, the CEO at Virtual Air Guitar Company.

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1. ifell41 Netherlands 26 Jul 2011, 22:39 BST

This looks cool!! I'm gonna be in a video game:-)))


2. dirtyvu United States 28 Jul 2011, 01:48 BST

I played this on the PS3. the setup was crazy long. It was cheesy too but once that wore off, it wasn't a good game. hopefully the sequel works better on the kinect.

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