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Your First Look at Kinect's Interactive Adverts

Posted Thu, 23 Jun 2011 by James Newton

"Xbox, take over my life" is next

"Xbox, take over my life" is next

This is how they'll work

Kinect is getting interactive adverts, and they look a lot like this.

The NUads — that's Natural User Interface Ads — will let you interact with adverts, sharing them via Twitter, receiving more information via email and text and generally doing all sorts of futuristic-style things.

We'll let Enrique de la Garza explain.


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1. mrkbevan United States 23 Jun 2011, 18:47 BST

Ok, what I want to know is how I can use the Xbox Kinect to turn off all the stupid ads.....


2. soaduk United Kingdom 23 Jun 2011, 20:12 BST

Is there a person alive who actually WANTS adverts on their kinect? What on earth is Microsoft playing at we pay money for live and it should therefore he ad free, being "interactive" makes no odds whos going to share an advert on Twitter for christs sake?!


3. James United Kingdom 24 Jun 2011, 07:55 BST

Xbox Live Gold hasn't been ad-free for a long, long time though — how often do you see a box for upcoming films, games, sport events etc.? Adverts are here to stay, and in fact the more people sign up for Xbox Live Gold the more advertisers are going to want in.


4. soaduk United Kingdom 24 Jun 2011, 08:26 BST

True, James, but I ignore them to the point I don't notice. These interactive ones sound very intrusive but hopefully they won't be forced down our throats and only come up if you click on them.


5. James United Kingdom 24 Jun 2011, 10:20 BST

You'll still need to click on the adverts in the first place so hopefully they won't be that intrusive :)


6. d20Dark United States 25 Jun 2011, 03:41 BST

I whole heartedly plan on 1) Dismissing that they exist all together. 2) Removing and Banning anyone on my Twitter Account that dares to Tweet an ad from this stupid system 3) Ignoring any other feature that this piece of MS insanity that pops up.

This is the truly most insulting and terrible idea MS has ever hair-ball vomited up. It's right next to letting EA buy BioWare and opting to buy Rare instead. Truly a terrible idea.

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