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This Kinect Poker Video Might be Bluffing

Posted Mon, 20 Jun 2011 by James Newton

You have to know when to fold them, you know.

You have to know when to fold them, you know.

We can't tell

Online poker combined with Kinect sounds like a rich goldmine of gameplay experiences, but the video below only gives you a slight whiff of what might be possible when the sensor is brought to the game.

Rather than using Kinect's body-tracking to control a human avatar's actions, which would be infinitely useful over the Internet — though potentially very dangerous — the hack below uses a series of gestures to replace keystrokes. While some are pretty cool — pushing in your chips to go all-in, throwing your cards to fold — we can't help but think that tapping your hand on your knee to check might be pushing it a little too far.

If some smart developer can use Avatar Kinect's facial mapping with voice chat and gestures to make an online poker game, they could be very rich indeed.

The link below also contains full instructions if you want to recreate this virtual Kinect poker table in your own home.


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