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The Gunstringer Out of the Holster this Summer

Posted Mon, 06 Jun 2011 by Trevor Chan

He might be under attack, but he feels lucky

He might be under attack, but he feels lucky

Puppets and bullets now coming to retail

Never thought puppetry and gunslinging action would go together? Perhaps you should guess again. Get ready for a platforming, shooter game with a twist.

Developed by Twisted Pixel Games, The Gunstringer will task players with controlling a cowboy marionette with their hands and through a series of on-stage performances, gamers will progress through a story filled with the type of revenge that only cowboys are accustomed to. With influences taken from the spaghetti western film genre, players will have to track down the posse that left the Gunstringer for dead.

The game will feature four main plays, each containing two acts, an intro and a finale. A local drop-in drop-out cooperative mode is available and gameplay will switch between 2D and 3D seamlessly. Players will also be able to compete against their friends via a leaderboard.

Levels can be selected based on individual stages and a backstage area will act as a hub for players.

  • The Puppet Master Experience: The Gunstringer is an awesome cowboy marionette that you get to control! Kinect allows you to fully move the Gunstringer through his adventures as if you were actually performing, even when sitting on a couch.
  • A Full Ensemble: Whether it's a second person jumping in and shooting alongside you or tracking and competing against your friend's progress on Xbox LIVE through leaderboards, The Gunstringer takes standard solo platforming and shooting mechanics and evolves them for fun competitive action.
  • Encore performances: With a full suite of collectables, unlockables, abilities, rewards and more, there's always a reason to play an encore performance!

The game is scheduled for a retail release this summer.

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