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Tap into the Deepak Chopra Project this November

Posted Mon, 06 Jun 2011 by Trevor Chan

This must be what inner peace looks like

This must be what inner peace looks like

Kinect to the seven Chakra points

There are many things in life that can get you all worked up, and Curious Pictures' upcoming release might be able to offer users a way of de-stressing and finding that elusive inner balance. You never know!

In a collaboration with publisher THQ and various meditation experts, The Deepak Chopra Project (tentative title) is based on the ancient Hindu Chakra system ― seven energy spots located within the human body. The game will offer light-hearted yoga-inspired activities, breathing exercises and meditation. The entire experience will be set to "mood enhancing music" and will feature teachings and philosophies from Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Sessions can last as little as a couple of minutes, encouraging users of all skill levels to take part.


  • Groundbreaking. It uniquely combines physical activity and meditation to create a fully immersive experience using game consoles.
  • Controller-free. The Deepak Chopra Project TM for Kinect allows players to utilize full-body gestures to relax the entire body.
  • Chakra-based meditation. Through seven meditations, users can focus their attention on specific parts of their bodies to relax and develop a “flow state.”
  • Stillness in motion. In the “Stillness Meditation” tradition, the Kinect measures players’ breathing and provides gentle feedback, encouragement and guidance.
  • Connected. On Kinect, users can create a personal mandala (representation of the unconscious self and focal point for meditation) and share it on Facebook.
  • Personal. The Deepak Chopra Project TM utilizes the player’s own abilities to help cultivate a healthier, harmonious and more balanced life.

The Deepak Chopra Project is currently scheduled for release this November.

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1. James United Kingdom 06 Jun 2011, 22:49 BST

This looks really interesting actually, nice to see something totally different on Kinect. Will watch this with interest!

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