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Talking Point: What Was Your Kinect Moment of E3 2011?

Posted Sat, 11 Jun 2011 by James Newton

What stole the show for you?

What stole the show for you?

Let's hear it!

Even though Microsoft's entire E3 line-up leaking before the company even set foot on stage, this year's presentation was full of big announcements for Kinect owners: Mass Effect 3 and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier both stole the show with their Kinect implementation, but there were plenty of other magic moments too.

With that in mind we're throwing the doors open to you, the real Kinect fans, to let us know what you enjoyed most at E3 2011. Was it the promise of gesture-based magic in Fable: The Journey? The new activities in Kinect Sports: Season Two?

Whatever you enjoyed most, whether it was a video, an announcement or a bold statement, let us know in the comments section below!

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1. davahsa United States 11 Jun 2011, 15:57 BST

Total voice control! It is very surprising that the media and the fans are soo perplexed as to why/how Mass Effect voice support is only on kinect. Most people don't understand that this level of voice recognition has not been accomplished in a game before. Mass Effect is the biggest/boldest game out there for this possibility and if they make this work and work well-it's totally awesome. Even though most people do not understand the technology and think that this could be easily replicated with any-ol' mic, it's not that simple! If this works the way we hope/imagine, all games will implement voice in the future and that will be awesome! The Bing search demo showed that this just might be a reality! If I want to watch that e3 press conference again I would say"xbox,bing,microsoft e3 press conference youtube video. . .play" how cool is that?


2. UberGames_Co_Za South Africa 11 Jun 2011, 17:03 BST

I just hope the voice control will work without Kinect too. My Kinect is in the living room and I don't play Mass Effect there, that happens in the game room, where I have no Kinect coz it is too small


3. davahsa United States 11 Jun 2011, 18:18 BST

this is the misconception that I am seeing everywhere. The Kinect hardware makes this possible-not just a microphone. No headset support. Also though-no space restriction for Kinect voice control


4. soaduk United Kingdom 12 Jun 2011, 00:29 BST

If all kinects processing is done in xbox as I think it is surely it is just a microphone for mass effect and any would work. The game and xbox process it all not kinect I think?
As for my moment of e3 I'm not sure there is one, nothing new really announced or anything amazing shown sadly.


5. soaduk United Kingdom 12 Jun 2011, 00:36 BST

Further to my point above think about the xbox dashboard voice control, its not that reliable and its slow and picks up wrong words sometimes....doesn't this prove its software not hardware that makes the difference? hopefully mass effect 3 will be good but im not sure its anything to do with kinect that a normal mic can't do.


6. bboy2970 United States 12 Jun 2011, 01:16 BST

Well I am not a fan of Microsoft in the least so my favorite part was watching them piss all over their core 360 market with all the Kinect crap that that group of gamers does not want. Halo 4 probably would have made a splash...if it wasn't leaked prior. lolz. Its funny to talk to my 360 fanboy friends and hear how utterly sickened they are with Microsoft of late.


7. davahsa United States 12 Jun 2011, 13:45 BST

I agree-the dashboard commands are currently not what I am referencing but the update from the comference. Also see:
nice Mii-thats hardcore right there


8. bboy2970 United States 12 Jun 2011, 14:16 BST

: Is that sarcasm I sense? I never claimed to be a "hardcore" gamer. I just think Microsoft had a terrible show that ended up alienating their core 360 market. They basically did what Nintendo did in 08, they brought a bunch of casual stuff to a show that not many casual people even really know about. I'm a Nintendo gamer through and through so yes, my avatar is my Mii.


9. Gertmint United Kingdom 13 Jun 2011, 10:12 BST

Well nothing got me excited I'm afraid the voice control looked good on Mass Effect but like people here say all you need is a microphone and good software to do that not a Kinect. PC's have been capable of voice recognition since the 80's....


10. pellissier South Africa 13 Jun 2011, 10:33 BST

Problem is in my opinion that Microsoft is getting in wrong by pushing Kinect on the "core" gamers - and with that I mean people who have been playing Xbox up to the release of Kinect last year. Since then, a total new group (and has-beens from Wii) has also emerged to join the Xbox rank taking away that "core" essential element of Xbox. This is a fact, and one everyone has to accept.
Problem is that E3 is still core gaming. MS has done some fine work with TC and Mass Effect 3 showing how it can be incorporated into core games, but I think they are trying too hard to convince the core gamers to adapt to Kinect.

From a casual point of view, Kinect (aka Xbox) totally ruled the show. So many new games announced and improved tracking abilities. From a core point of view, we didn't find out anything we weren't expecting. Where are the E3 days that we were actually left awestruck by some revelation no one could see coming? I'd urge all console parties (Nintendo, Sony & Microsoft) to come up with at least 1 awesome revelation to make it worth next year. (And seriously thinking about future console names before they produce unfriendly names like PS Vita and Wii U...~

So did Kinect deliver at E3? Yes - if you are casual gamer (which did not attend E3) and maybe if you have always dreamt of voice controlling your orders and switching weapons without your controller. And no if you are not interested at all in ever getting out of your seat, or waving your hand around.


11. ballkirby1 United States 13 Jun 2011, 21:47 BST

Well, Microsoft finally convinced me that nothing good is to ever come to the Kinect and that it is finally time to dispose of the thing. I guess I should thank them for saving me a few bucks at Gamestop on my next purchase...


12. d20Dark United States 14 Jun 2011, 14:54 BST

Really blallkirby1? Wanna sell it to me? This e3 made me want to get a Kinect more than last year! Honestly, I'm all about the core games, but if 'hardcore' games are all a system does- it fails. Nintendo went the exact opposite way this gen and it kicked EVERYBODY'S ass. If MS just stuck with 'hardcore' games and tried to please trolls like bboy2970 all the time, they'd be in 3rd place, not PS3. I thought MS did a great job at E3 of making their statement "We're here for everybody" because NOBODY showed as many games this year as MS. I saw more games than I could purchase for the next year and frankly, anything more than that is just heartbreak. At least now I have a few fall backs if a game has a bad review. I'd say I walked away with 17 - 20 games I wanted (not all Xbox- some were PS3 as well) so I'm set for the whole year.
My best moment for E3 was a toss up- Forza Motorsport 4 with Kinect head tracking and voice recognition or Battlefield 3. Then again... Tomb Raider and The Witcher 2 are both 1st place runners as well. And Batman... and Uncharted 3. And Gunsmith in Ghost Recon and Squad Control in Mass Effect 3 were all smile inducing moments... So yeah- E3 was awesome this year for me!

PS- and Dance Central 2 with 2 player and campaign introduced. :-D

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