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Save a Race of Cute Creatures in Leedmees

Posted Fri, 24 Jun 2011 by James Newton

Thank goodness it's not Leedmees Wii.

Thank goodness it's not Leedmees Wii.

Konami continues to Kinect

You may have missed Konami's announcement of Leedmees during all the E3 excitement, but we're here to put that right.

The Xbox Live Arcade-bound game is due this summer, and with some initial similarities to classic puzzler Lemmings it's already caught our interest. The basic concept is for the player to guide the titular characters safely to the exit using his or her body to lead them over, under and around obstacles. 50 single-player stages are included, as well as 12 two-player co-operative stages.

Check out the trailer and first screenshots below:

A New Interactive Style of Puzzle Gaming is Introduced for Players of all Ages to Experience

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today announced that it will debut an all-new downloadable Kinect™ experience at this year's E3 show with Leedmees (working title), an innovative full body puzzle experience for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. This is KONAMI's first downloadable title on Kinect as it aims to provide players with a unique and distinctive gaming experience for players of all ages to enjoy.

Leedmees is a totally original take on the puzzle genre and focuses on the player using their body movement to save a race of creatures - the eponymous Leedmees - from certain death. Each level begins with the hapless Leedmee creatures shambling towards certain doom. Using the Kinect to sense movement, players must use their actions to create bridges and walkways for the Leedmees to cross safely.

In Leedmees, the player actually becomes part of the game's level design, moving quickly to prevent the Leedmees from falling great heights, or being hit by moving objects. Thus the player can position their arms to make bridges across stages, or push the switches with your legs and gather the creatures and transfer them to another part of the screen in one graceful move. As the player progresses through Leedmees' 50 danger-laden stages, more will be expected of them, with players moving to save different batches of the creatures as they appear from all over the screen.

Players are also given the chance to interact with the backdrops to make their task easier. Switches can be flicked to open or shut the immediate route before the Leedmees, while ever more complex platform layouts require the player to constantly keep an eye on where every Leedmee is. Leedmees also allows two players to work together in its co-op mode to tackle 12 specially-created levels, using their combined bodies to create a safe route for the wandering critters.

Leedmees is scheduled for release this summer on Xbox® Live Arcade.

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1. ifell41 Netherlands 24 Jun 2011, 19:27 BST



2. soaduk United Kingdom 25 Jun 2011, 01:32 BST

What a brilliant idea, looks like it'd be a blast 2 player can't wait just hope they get it right!


3. w0nderboi Netherlands 25 Jun 2011, 09:09 BST

Finally the good ideas are starting to get shape. This looks like a lot fun with two players.

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