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Rumour: Mass Effect 3 Getting Kinect Support

Posted Fri, 03 Jun 2011 by James Newton

Coming to Kinect?

Coming to Kinect?

Sensor to leap into battle

Mass Effect 3 is without a doubt one of the most anticipated games of the next 12 months, but the suggestion it will support Kinect might give your excitement-o-meter a bit of a boost.

Eagle-eyed Bioware forum members spotted the game's box art on the EA online store, bearing the purple "Better with Kinect Sensor" bar that last week featured on Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. The cover was quickly removed, but the fact it was ever on EA's store in the first place is an interesting revelation.

Next week, we'll hopefully be able to replace these rumours with solid fact as we report on all the Kinect news from E3 2011. Stick with us!


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1. Richfrombechtle United Kingdom 03 Jun 2011, 09:46 BST

Oooh - that could be pretty cool. I've never played the Mass Effect games but this could herald Halo, Gears of War etc with similar Kinect functionality...


2. d20Dark United States 04 Jun 2011, 02:33 BST

I don't think there's a directly link between what you'd do in Mass Effect vs. the games you listed. Play Mass Effect- for your own sake, play the best damn games on the 360- and you'll see where the Kinect would be a perfect fit. The other games aren't really open to the functionality that Mass Effect Kinect offers. You'll see why. Trust me.

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