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Kinect Will Get Interactive Adverts Next Year

Posted Wed, 22 Jun 2011 by James Newton

"Welcome Mr Yakamoto. How are those assorted tank tops working out for you?"

"Welcome Mr Yakamoto. How are those assorted tank tops working out for you?"

Xbox, buy buy buy!

According to the New York Times, Microsoft is set to unveil a set of interactive Kinect adverts on Tuesday.

The paper reports the project, titled NUads, will let gamers use voice commands to share the adverts online: "Xbox Tweet" would send it to Twitter, "Xbox More" would send more information to the user via email and "Xbox Near Me" could display maps of nearby retailers on a mobile phone.

It's not just voices though — you'll be able to use gestures to make selections, with an example given of waving your hand to choose your favourite pizza topping.

The future is truly now.


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1. d20Dark United States 23 Jun 2011, 02:28 BST

I saw the video leaked 'thing' over at Kotaku and my eyes fell out. This is the single worst idea I've ever seen, read, heard about or dreamed of. This is such a TERRIBLE idea I can't even see how MS is going to do this and not be laughed off the map.

Guys in MS land, if you see this thread- please don't do this. This is HORRIBLE. You charge us $60 a year when the competition is giving almost the exact same features for free... and now your sticking ads on the main page of the NNXE??? We're not going to Tweet Spam our friends/followers/fans. We're not going to promote ads as if it's content. We're not going to Kinect chat about a sneaker ad. This is just a train wreck of bad publicity.


2. linkster55 Canada 23 Jun 2011, 07:47 BST



3. w0nderboi Netherlands 23 Jun 2011, 08:44 BST

Like said above who is ever going to talk about ads like this with friends? If you tweet about ads all the time people will delete your for spamming.

Really bad decision on Microsoft's part.

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