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Kinect Star Wars to Take Centre Stage at E3 on Monday

Posted Wed, 01 Jun 2011 by James Newton

Will the Force be strong blah blah blah

Will the Force be strong blah blah blah

R2D2 at E3

Last year's tantalising glimpse of Kinect Star Wars was enough to get thousands of gamers hyped up about the motion sensor, but since then it's flown under the radar, like Red 5 approaching the Death Star exhaust port. It's about to blow up next week though, as the teaser below reveals.

The teaser only shows a face-off between R2D2 and Kinect, but the message is clear: Kinect Star Wars will be big news next week.

We'll be bringing you all the updates from E3 next week so stick with us at KINECTaku for all your Kinect news.

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1. BIGBUTTER Canada 03 Jun 2011, 09:49 BST

This article is as much as a tease as the video hehe


2. James United Kingdom 03 Jun 2011, 09:52 BST

We'll have stacks more info next week :D

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