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Rumour: Microsoft Ready to Unveil Kinect Fun Lab at E3

Posted Mon, 23 May 2011 by James Newton

Like this, only more fun.

Like this, only more fun.

What could it be?

Microsoft's E3 presentation is just weeks away, with rumours swirling around the Internet like plastic bags in a gale. Last week came a rumour that we'd see 10 new Kinect games at E3, with Siliconera claiming one of the 10 is called Kinect Fun Lab.

Siliconera's anonymous source didn't reveal any further details about what the game involves, but here's hoping for a huge collection of awesome hacks that show off what Kinect can do: we've seen it do everything from 3D TV to invisibility, so it'd be fascinating to see what Microsoft itself could come up with.

The project could also be the official name for the Kinect SDK, which will let researchers and students create their own applications for the sensor using a PC and Microsoft-provided software.

What do you think Kinect Fun Lab could be?


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