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New Child of Eden Trailer Actually Explains the Game

Posted Wed, 04 May 2011 by James Newton

Everything clear now?

Everything clear now?

It all makes sense now

If the excitement around Child of Eden has mostly passed you by as you weren't quite sure what the game is actually about, the new trailer below should hopefully make things a little clearer.

The video explains how the game's two-handed controls work and shows off more of the same beautiful graphics that have put this game firmly at the top of many players' list of most wanted Kinect games.

Child of Eden launches next month.

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1. Magi United States 04 May 2011, 20:28 BST

I'm happy for all the folks looking forward to this game but I'm not really digging it.


2. abHS4L United States 04 May 2011, 22:20 BST

In the words of Veruca Salt: "I WANT IT DADDY! I WANT IT!" haha, already have it reserved at Gamestop with $16 down for it.


3. dirtyvu United States 05 May 2011, 04:09 BST

the true hands-on tutorial:


4. ifell41 Netherlands 06 May 2011, 08:56 BST

I hope there will be a playable demo of this on xbl. Right now I really like the way it looks, but I am not so sure yet it will be "playable" if you now what I mean...

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