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Crytek's Kingdoms is a First-Person Brawler for Kinect

Posted Fri, 06 May 2011 by James Newton

Hard to beat

Hard to beat

Insider source leaks details

Last year at E3 Microsoft announced a new project from highly-regarded developer Crytek, codenamed Kingdoms. Now a source at the studio has confirmed the game is a first-person brawler with full Kinect support.

Eurogamer reports that Microsoft requested development on the game switch from Crytek's Hungarian office to its Frankfurt studio, resulting in up to 50 staff losing their jobs. The inside source told Eurogamer:

Codename: Kingdoms is a first person melee action title with Kinect support. The studio was working on the project for two years. And it's still busy working at the E3 presentation for Microsoft's keynote address. This is one of the main reasons why only nine people got fired so far.

A first-person Kinect game from the creators of Crysis 2? Colour us intrigued. We'll find out more at E3 in just one month's time.


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