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A Kinect Steering Wheel? Now We've Seen It All

Posted Fri, 06 May 2011 by James Newton

Don't be reckless like this young driver

Don't be reckless like this young driver

Hold out your hands

Try this tricky test of hand-eye coordination: hold out your hands in front of you. Okay, now pretend you're driving a car. Finding it difficult? Then CTA Digital has the solution for you.

The company that brought you the Kinect Perfect Range Game Mat has created the Xbox 360 Kinect Steering Wheel. It's like one of the countless Nintendo Wii wheel accessories, except it's for Kinect. Clever.

The official description is below, but the abridged version is "it's a clear plastic wheel", and costing $12.99.

The Xbox 360 Kinect broke the mold by introducing the first controller-free gaming system. But sometimes even the best ideas could use a little something extra. CTA Digital introduces the Steering Wheel for the Xbox 360 Kinect. The fully translucent steering wheel allows the Kinect camera to track the hands of the player while adding a more realistic feel to your favorite Kinect racing games. By keeping your hands parallel and stable on the clear steering wheel, you'll be able to maneuver your way through the game with added accuracy and ease. The Steering Wheel for the Xbox 360 Kinect is also compatible with all Kinect racing games. So instead of fumbling around trying to find the correct position for your hands, simply hold the steering wheel infront of the Kinect camera and drive away!

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1. ozerke Turkey 06 May 2011, 22:38 BST

Wonder why are they trying to break the "controller-free" magic of Kinect? It shouldn't have been to buy a controller device but "scan" any circular object (even a pot cover) as the steering wheel.
For the game mat; I'm expecting Microsoft to release an update to have the Kinect Tuner show the valid play areas in an "augmented reality".


2. JamesNewton United Kingdom 07 May 2011, 08:35 BST

I tried using a Mario Kart Wii wheel in the past with Joy Ride and it didn't work, probably because your hands are partly obscured. Still, I guess you could hold a short stick instead!

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