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Wipeout: In the Zone Trailer Contains Your Daily Dose of Balls

Posted Mon, 25 Apr 2011 by James Newton

Just one of many hazards

Just one of many hazards

Mud, sucker punches and more

Wipeout: In the Zone is Activision's first Kinect game, based on the popular TV game show where contestants attempt to beat an obstacle course while accompanied by comedy sound effects. It's ripe for a Kinect conversion then, as this first trailer below shows.

EBGames is pegging the game for release on 14th June, confirming this game is a retail release, contrary to some sites who have stated the game will launch on Xbox Live Arcade.

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1. Weeeeeezer United Kingdom 25 Apr 2011, 11:53 BST

It's gona hurt soooooooooooooooooooo good.


2. Dave123 United Kingdom 26 Apr 2011, 20:54 BST

i want this to be good, but i know it'll be awful


3. soaduk United Kingdom 27 Apr 2011, 00:44 BST

Spot on Dave123 just seems it'll be jump duck jump duck repeat...like many kinect games probably going to be a renter with very short lifespan...but hopefully we're wrong!


4. pdaddy Australia 27 Apr 2011, 07:00 BST

Looks like a more frustrating version of Crash Course, which was FREE remember...

If it's anything like the real wipeout, the random nature of the events means it's got too much luck involved to be anything but annoying.. and if it's a retail game, it'll be a ridiculous ripoff..


5. Zach Kaplan United States 27 Apr 2011, 07:11 BST

That sucker punch wall is the worst. And that family has some seriously high pitched voices.


6. ManicMilner United Kingdom 27 Apr 2011, 18:34 BST

I'm hoping this will be good but really think the controls will let it down- multiplayer party games would be awesome if it works!

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