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Virtua Tennis 4 Trailer Gets Kinect Into the Swing of Things

Posted Sat, 09 Apr 2011 by James Newton

Get a slice of the action

Get a slice of the action

Switch off the racket

There's high hopes for Sega's Virtua Tennis 4, the first Kinect-enabled tennis game to hit the market. The trailer below shows the new first-person view that comes into play when using the sensor, as well as a split-screen mode that should make it easier to judge shots when playing with another competitor.

There's been some unhappiness recently regarding Virtua Tennis 4 on PlayStation Move, as Sony's motion controller is not supported in the World Tour or online modes. Judging from the trailer below, the Xbox 360 version will see the same fate, with Kinect control limited to multiplayer and select minigames.

Does this trailer alter your decision to give the game a try?

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1. jaxim United States 09 Apr 2011, 15:34 BST

If you can't play this game with Kinect then I'm not buying it.


2. soaduk United Kingdom 09 Apr 2011, 21:39 BST

I think we learned a while back that it'd be on the rails with the player just swinging about so this doesn't suprise me. It would have to be pretty accurate to make it worth while. Better than the table tennis in kinect sports anyway.


3. James United Kingdom 10 Apr 2011, 08:47 BST

You can play the game with Kinect — after all, that's why we're covering it :) — but it looks like it'll only be in exhibition or local multiplayer matches, rather than online or World tour mode.


4. jaxim United States 10 Apr 2011, 16:06 BST

sorry. I meant to say "If you can't play this game with Kinect ONLINE then I'm not buying it." I had thought of the word "online", but I failed to write it.


5. ManicMilner United Kingdom 12 Apr 2011, 14:43 BST

was hoping this would be more of a kinect full on game that you could play online or in tour mode as well as using the pad- looks more like a afterthought, shame as kinect sports is much better playing against someone online, seems like a double fault before released!

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