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Next Generation Kinect to Be Aimed at Core Gamers, says Analyst

Posted Thu, 28 Apr 2011 by James Newton

Patience, young padowan

Patience, young padowan

Might be a long wait, then

We know that Microsoft is working on the next generation Kinect, and you'd be forgiven for thinking the company would want to repeat the success of its incumbent sensor by aiming it towards the casual market again. That's unlikely to be the case according to EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich, who believes Microsoft will aggressively chase core gamers with the second iteration of Kinect.

I imagine that the purpose of any next-gen Kinect device would be targeted towards the core gaming market, likely offering new technologies for Action/Shooter titles to thrive in.

While we're understandably happy to hear the future of Kinect heading towards core games, the idea of waiting until the next generation of the sensor will make many gamers' hearts a little heavier.

Do you think the next Kinect should go for the casual or core market? Let us know your thoughts in the discussion below.


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1. dominion United States 29 Apr 2011, 03:36 BST

Well it seems as though they have the core market already. They need to get to the gamers that keep the system alive and thats the people who play FPS.


2. James United Kingdom 29 Apr 2011, 07:26 BST

Welcome to the site, dominion!

I think players will want to see a new Kinect that works better with core games, but I must admit I'm struggling to think of a way they could make it more core-friendly, other than — oh no — buttons!


3. soaduk United Kingdom 29 Apr 2011, 12:47 BST

Have Microsoft enforced any kind of ban on developers making games for kinect that also use a pad? It wouldnt suprise me the way microsoft are but ive not heard of anything so I do wonder why no-ones combined the two yet..trouble with fps games is presumably it would be fair to let kinect players play against pad-only players due to any advantage/disadvantage there might be.


4. James United Kingdom 29 Apr 2011, 17:12 BST

Nope, no ban — I remember them talking about so-called 'hybrid' games last year, it's just we haven't seen any so far. Let's hope Forza 4 isn't the first one as it's a long way off yet!


5. fonejackerjon United Kingdom 29 Apr 2011, 21:15 BST

Great Thanks a f***ing lot Microsoft what about us poor idiots that bought you know the original kinect! are you telling us we can piss off then? damn you! im getting ps3 and move!


6. Slapshot United States 29 Apr 2011, 22:04 BST

I'm wondering how that is going to work though. The only reasonable way that I can see a FPS like this is the same way that Move works with PS3. Bringing a controller into the mix, but if the camera has any noticeable lag when trying to recognize a human hand, wouldn't Microsoft need to bring out a lit up controller/wand of some sort to fix that issue?

Then your looking at copyright infringements, etc.


7. ifell41 Netherlands 30 Apr 2011, 21:23 BST

....I am still waiting for the original Kinect gamescene to really kick off, and allready they are talking about a second one? Right now I can choose between 45% dance games and 45% sports games. I dont need another piece of plastic on my tv, I need games!

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