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Kinect Lands a Big One with Top Angler: Bass Fishing

Posted Wed, 20 Apr 2011 by James Newton

He could have caught a bigger one using Kinect

He could have caught a bigger one using Kinect

For reel

Think of Kinect and sports and you inevitably think of Kinect Sports, Deca Sports Freedom, MotionSports: these sweaty exertions aren't all the sensor is capable of when it comes to recreating participation sports, though.

Japanese publisher InterOne has just announced Top Angler: Bass Fishing for Kinect (via Siliconera), a game that will let you cast, reel and land using just your body, but that's not all: you can control your boat using just your voice, and when you make a great catch the game will take a photo for posterity, overlaying the prize perch onto your understandably proud image.

There's no word on a Western release date for the game yet, but as there's a real shortage of fishing games on Xbox 360 hopefully this would find an audience on these shores.

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