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First Kinect Wrestling Game on the Way in October

Posted Mon, 18 Apr 2011 by James Newton

Do this in your living room

Do this in your living room


We've had street fighting in Fighters Uncaged and we'll soon be able to tussle with superheroes in PowerUp Heroes, but those craving the even more over-the-top nature of professional wrestling will want to keep their eyes peeled for a new title from Majesco later this year.

Retailer Gamestop has leaked Over the Top Wrestling from Majesco, with a release date scheduled for 3rd October 2011. The official Majesco site has no listing for the game yet so there are currently no screenshots, videos or details, but we'll certainly hear more as we approach E3 in early June.

We're secretly hoping for a video game version of classic arm-wrestling flick Over the Top. Cross your fingers and biceps.


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1. King_Boo United States 18 Apr 2011, 17:52 BST

I predict youtube videos galore.


2. eclipticus United States 18 Apr 2011, 21:14 BST

I am thinking a Kinect version of the game POWERSTONE would be appropriate...


3. Slapshot United States 19 Apr 2011, 02:55 BST

Oh, the children that have Kinect recorded body-slams coming their way! :O

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