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Talking Point: How Would You Bring Halo to Kinect?

Posted Thu, 10 Mar 2011 by James Newton

How would you bring Noble Team to Kinect?

How would you bring Noble Team to Kinect?

Master Chief on the move

While Kinect is set to receive Child of Eden, The Gunstringer and Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor this year, it's still crying out for a great hardcore title from Microsoft's internal studios. There have been rumours of Gears of War Kinect, though nothing concrete has been announced, but the other big name Microsoft shooter series we really want to see on Kinect is, of course, Halo.

Recently, 343 Industries' Frank O'Connor spoke of the possibility of Halo Wars 2 on Kinect, a proposition that split our readership: while some felt a real-time strategy game would work well with Kinect's multi-touch-like control scheme, others were sceptical the sensor could provide the accuracy and speed required to command troops effectively.

All of this got us thinking: what kind of Halo game would you bring to Kinect? Would you go for a traditional first-person shooter, a real-time strategy like Halo Wars or something completely different? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below — go wild!

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1. Crunc United States 10 Mar 2011, 14:55 GMT

I wouldn't bring Halo to Kinect all. FPS aren't going to play well on Kinect and having them will just make Kinect look bad. It isn't for so-called "core" games at all. Let Kinect be what it is - a great casual games system. It might be useful for "augmenting" physical controls in a game, but I'm skeptical of that working for core type games that require precision. Forza 4's head tracking, maybe. I have to try it. What I want is a new Pinball Hall of Fame with head tracking for "looking" onto the playfield. That would be pretty awesome. Lean forward and to the right to get a good look at a shot with an upper right flipper. That kind of thing. It would feel natural and be genuinely useful. Aiming a gun in Halo? I don't think so.


2. King_Boo United States 10 Mar 2011, 16:04 GMT

Halo Monopoly, or any other random board game.


3. soaduk United Kingdom 11 Mar 2011, 00:32 GMT

I know it may seem a backward step but I really think kinect needs some sort of controller. Whether just the usual joypad or what I don't know. I don't think it'd be backwards it still has the body tracking why not use the best of both worlds there's nothing stopping developers is there? I like the idea of a gun for shooting games, golf club for tiger woods etc but maybe that would just be over-kill like the million add-ons the Wii has. imagine a gears of war or halo where you're aiming a gun like the good old duck hunt games but you're also ducking and dodging bullets like the dodgeball games we've already got. The most obvious problem in all this to me is the actual walking around as I don't like "on the rails" holding me back! Guess you can't have that without a joypad of some sort.


4. mark_xbox_fan Denmark 11 Mar 2011, 14:12 GMT

First I don't think Kinect should be for any FPS either, but I don't get the rails comments. Why does everyone think you could not move around in a game with out a joystick or being on rails. Why??
In the old days of graphic text adventures you would navigate from room to room or area to area.
Why could you not do that in kinect. In table tennis its obvious you can be recognized moving not only left and right but forward and backwards. In kinect sports it shows a purple square you are in that kinect can recognize as you move around.
Why not have have a game where you start out in a room if you want to go to another room you move to the door and put your hand on the door until it opens then you move into the next room. When this happens you step back and now you are looking at the next area where you can look around and move around and interact with the things in that area or room. Virtual Reality..
'These are the type games I am waiting for make it into a murder mystery or turn based game throw in some hand to hand combat and fighting as well...''


5. Acerocks United States 12 Mar 2011, 02:46 GMT

I wouldn't. Halo and Kinect just sound like they'd go together like oil and water.


6. JesusSaves United States 13 Mar 2011, 22:51 GMT

A First Person rail shooter would work best IMO.


7. thekng02 United States 07 May 2011, 02:11 BST

yes bring it to kinect

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