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Microsoft Drawing More Families to Xbox 360 Thanks to Kinect

Posted Mon, 28 Mar 2011 by James Newton

That thing in the corner is a sleeping dog

That thing in the corner is a sleeping dog

Console's audience is expanding

The Xbox has always been aimed at the heavy user: it was the first console to feature a hard drive and the first to make a decent fist of online play (sorry, Dreamcast.) Its most successful first-party franchises are geared towards the hardcore gamer, and after years of failed attempts to draw in the family gamer (sorry, Viva Piñata) the console is finally growing its audience thanks to Kinect.

Microsoft UK's general manager for retail, sales and marketing, Neil Thompson, spoke to MCV about the success of Kinect in bringing families together, after Kinect Sports won the Best Family Game BAFTA at this year's ceremony.

With Kinect Sports winning Best Family Game, you could argue Xbox is moving to a broader audience in terms of its market appeal. I think people are excited about Kinect, that’s what we’re focusing on and that’s what you’re going to see us really deliver on as we go through this calendar year, both in terms of what we’re doing with that platform and the different types of gaming experiences that we’re bringing to the market.

Expect more family games from Microsoft this year, as well as the oft-promised hardcore Kinect games.


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