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Kung Fu Panda 2 to Chop Kinect in May

Posted Wed, 16 Mar 2011 by James Newton



Film tie-in gets motion outing

The original Kung Fu Panda on Xbox 360 wasn't the most inspiring of movie tie-ins, fun though it was to smash and roll through the world as porky panda Po. For the follow-up, publisher THQ has gone with the only controller capable of putting Po's kung fu moves into the gaming world: Kinect.

The recently announced tie-in for the upcoming Dreamworks animated film, Kung Fu Panda 2 on Xbox 360 will allow gamers to act out martial arts moves in their own home, hopefully with better results than Fighters Uncaged.

THQ senior producer David White makes some grammatically inaccurate statements about the sensor's capabilities:

We layer in some amazing advances in technology like Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360 that will allow players for the first time to not just play as a character, but to literally become the character. When you do kung fu moves, Po does what you’re doing, which means you are him as you play the game.

Ongoing issues with the abuse of the word "literally" aside, we're looking forward to stepping into Po's shorts to pull out some high kicks in the near future. With the film out in May, we should see the game hit around the same time.

Source: hollywoodreporter.com.

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