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Kinect Now Works on PlayStation 3, Plays Killzone to Boot

Posted Mon, 21 Mar 2011 by James Newton

No buttons required

No buttons required

Kinect's first FPS

Kinect works on all Xbox 360 consoles. Kinect also works on Windows PCs thanks to open source drivers. However, Kinect now also works on home console opponent PlayStation 3, thanks again to committed coders.

Shantanu Goel has worked up a proof of concept showing the sensor working on PlayStation 3 to scroll through the console's XrossMediaBar interface, selecting icons and even launching games. What game does Goel choose to play with the sensor? Only first-person shooter giant Killzone 3, which has the unlikely distinction of being the first PS3 game playable with both PlayStation Move and Kinect. Quite an accolade.

Goel admits the video is extremely early and the software needs a lot of work, but for many, just knowing it's possible will be exciting enough.

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1. ManicMilner United Kingdom 21 Mar 2011, 14:07 GMT

Anythings better than using those silly luminous ice cream cones! Lol


2. Doliskipper Sweden 24 Mar 2011, 07:36 GMT

Haha that's awesome, not sure what Sony thinks about it ;) the "double push" also, clever way to solve how to do button-pushing on menus or in-game.

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