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Kinect Joy Ride Gets New Features for Free Today

Posted Thu, 03 Mar 2011 by James Newton

Back on track?

Back on track?

Live play and player cameras

Kinect Joy Ride may not be the pick of the bunch in the sensor's line-up, but it's good to see the driving game receiving free new content all the same.

Today the title received a title update that adds Xbox Live play to two modes, as well as a brand new driver cam feature. The update should download automatically if you play Kinect Joy Ride while connected to Xbox Live.

Can these two new online modes convince you get back into the driver's seat?

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1. RedToad64 United States 04 Mar 2011, 03:59 GMT

Uh, I'm not getting an update...


2. James Newton United Kingdom 04 Mar 2011, 08:04 GMT

Strange, the press release says the update is available now. Major Nelson also says it's out now, though "not in all regions" :


3. RedToad64 United States 05 Mar 2011, 22:07 GMT

I'm in North America, yet no patch is popping up. I've tried deleting all the patches on my hard drive with no luck.

Any idea on what modes are added?

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