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Child of Eden on Kinect Gets its Trance Vibrators Back

Posted Wed, 02 Mar 2011 by James Newton



First Kinect game to use controller

Child of Eden predecessor Rez wasn't just famous for being a great game; in Japan it launched with an item called the "Trance Vibrator", which pulsated in time with the game's music to bring the player and the action closer together. Naturally with Child of Eden going completely controller-free with Kinect you'd expect there to be no feedback, but developer Q? Entertainment has come up with a novel solution.

Up to four Xbox 360 controllers can be connected to vibrate in time with the game's music, providing feedback when placed in your pocket, on your head or anywhere on your body, really. Tetsuya Mizuguchi's studio even revealed it has created a special belt to hold the controllers, and although it's unlikely the add-on will find its way outside of Japan it's still an opportunity we wouldn't be surprised to see other accessory manufacturers working on.

Kotaku has had hands-on with the game and noted the input lag has been drastically cut since the game was shown off at Tokyo Games Show, a good sign for those awaiting Child of Eden's release date.


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1. Mickeymac United States 02 Mar 2011, 23:28 GMT

Now if only I had 4 controllers, this would be super Mega Awesome. As it stands, with my two controllers it's only kinda really super-duper awesome.


2. abHS4L United States 03 Mar 2011, 09:22 GMT

Never played Rez so I won't mind :3


3. James Newton United Kingdom 03 Mar 2011, 09:43 GMT

Never played Rez?! Get Rez HD on XBLA and enjoy one of the best things ever.

I'll be picking up stacks of used controllers just to enjoy this mode :)


4. eclipticus United States 03 Mar 2011, 09:52 GMT

Couldn't they replicate the Trance repulsors through the bass in the speakers.
Esp. if there is a sound system and sub hooked up? Or is it something completely difference than vibration feedback.

Just wondering...
Luckily, I have two wireless remotes so at least its something.


5. Crunc United States 03 Mar 2011, 15:43 GMT

I've got four controllers, but without the belt I'm not sure how you'd use this feature at all. Put the controller in your pocket? What kind of pockets do you have? Them's some big pockets.


6. James Newton United Kingdom 03 Mar 2011, 16:48 GMT

If you turn up your bass you'll feel great but it's different from the controller feedback. Basically your controllers will rumble in time to the music and shots, so you can feel them on particular parts of your body, and it'll be very noticeable. I personally would advise turning the bass up too :D

Holding one controller in your pocket is possible (at least in my trousers) but I think four might be pushing it a bit!

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