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Twisted Pixel Yet to Make a Call on The Gunstringer's Format

Posted Thu, 03 Feb 2011 by James Newton

Which way will he go?

Which way will he go?

It may be retail

Yesterday we brought you the first trailer and information on The Gunstringer, a brand new Kinect title from Twisted Pixel, the team behind Xbox Live Arcade hit 'Splosion Man among others. At the time we reported the game was itself headed to Xbox Live Arcade, but have since been in contact with the developer and learnt this may not be the case.

Jay Stuckwisch, Twisted Pixel's Community Manager, said:

Not sure on the format for the game yet. Right now we are just saying Xbox Kinect game.

We'll have more on The Gunstringer as we get it, including an exclusive interview lined up in the near future.

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1. teamdoa United Kingdom 04 Feb 2011, 15:59 GMT

It just looks more like a perfect 1st Kinect downloadable game to me. I can't really see it as a game you would buy a retail box of.


2. SUPERGHOST Canada 05 Feb 2011, 19:37 GMT

Some Kinect games are just a step away from DL games. I can see Twisted Pixel bolt on some features and put it on a disc as to be able to charge least that is what I would do.


3. dirtyvu United States 05 Feb 2011, 22:44 GMT

an XBLA release would be cool for us because it means it'd be cheaper. but I don't know if it's good for them. Let's say there's 9 million Kinects out there. So you now only have an audience of 9 million that can consider buying the game. Then you think about the number of 360s that are connected to Xbox Live and that shrinks the audience further. But even if they have their 360 connected to the Internet, there's still a lot of people that still think you have to have a Xbox Live Gold account to do anything online and don't know that Xbox Live Free can purchase things like games.

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