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Rumour: Tesco Struggling to Shift Kinect After Christmas Rush

Posted Sat, 12 Feb 2011 by James Newton

Cheap as chips

Cheap as chips

Price drops below £100

Kinect was flying off the shelves before Christmas, but the lack of games released for the sensor after the festive period has presumably left retailers with plenty of stock sat in warehouses and on shelves, as UK supermarket giant Tesco is the latest shop to cut the sensor's price.

The company has knocked a chunk off the cost of Kinect and Kinect Adventures to £99.99, down from £129.99, a significant price drop however you look at it.

Is this the start of a price war on Kinect ahead of the next batch of releases for it, or a sign Tesco is desperate to shift Kinect now the initial excitement has died down? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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1. Douglastech United Kingdom 12 Feb 2011, 12:59 GMT

As the game industry declines, tesco said in december they would have to cut game prices to compete with online retailers and stores like game, and if you havent noticed ps move got reduced to £50 and games are now around £25, now thats a sign of low sales, Kinect is amense cant wait for new games!


2. SUPERGHOST Canada 12 Feb 2011, 16:08 GMT

Games are needed to sustain this peripheral, and not just excercisers and mini game collections! Build them and they will come.


3. soaduk United Kingdom 13 Feb 2011, 00:41 GMT

I think kinect is dead already...maybe I'm jumping the gun but I seriously see nothing that excites me on the horizon. I don't know how m$ sold so many of these things. The 'next wave' of games was brain training...thats it this year so far... and that apparently has worse recognition than even the launch titles. i think we've already seen all that kinect is capable of doing its not sensitive or powerful enough since they made it software rather than hardware processing. Noone wants to make games without buttons. move has buttons and even that has no good games. I guess sony and m$ should have left the motion stuff to nintendo and stuck to what made them sell!


4. hrnyseany United Kingdom 14 Feb 2011, 09:13 GMT

I think this kid has totally lost it lol Why would any one want to make games for the kinect with no buttons, think back to what you stated earlier? "I don't know how m$ sold so many of these things" Does that statement not mean then that there are many potential customers out there lol?


5. Gertmint United Kingdom 14 Feb 2011, 11:12 GMT

I agree the Kinect will a fail unless some more quality games are produced. We all know it's great fun playing family style games with other people in the same room like Dance Central and Kinect Sports etc. But the most popular games like First Person Shooters, racing games and football games etc; I don't think the Kinect is any good for. Hopefully I'll be proved wrong though. err Killzone 3 on the PS3 Move anyone??


6. safrono United Kingdom 14 Feb 2011, 13:46 GMT

Tesco are doing a special offer that is all, they are also doing it for the PS3 and 360 consoles etc i.e -
"20% off all consoles, games and accessories at Tesco from Tuesday 15th February" taken fron Hotukdeals site.

Gamewise the big new IP games that are coming for Kinect such as Project Draco, Rise of nightmares etc all take time, these are not just bolt on to old IPs as what has been done with Killzone etc these are totally NEW games so they will take longer,, I am sure MS will be showing some of the actual gameplay of the games off at the end of this month.

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