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Rumour: Angry Birds to Make a Nest with Kinect Controls

Posted Tue, 08 Feb 2011 by James Newton

Those birds sure are angry

Those birds sure are angry

Pigs might die

We already know that Kinect can play Angry Birds, the flyaway downloadable success available on everything from iPhone to Android, with Angry Birds coming to 3DS later this year. Another part of developer Rovio's plan for total domination is to release the game on Xbox Live Arcade, an outing that may see official Kinect support added, if this latest rumour is to be believed.

A Twitter user sent this message to Rovio:

wished Angry birds was on Xbox 360 and KINECT COMPATIBLE!!!

To which Rovio replied:

you might just get what you ask for...

While it's most likely this message was solely referring to the game's inevitable appearance on Xbox Live Arcade later this year, it may indeed be referring to potential Kinect support.

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1. mfrissen Netherlands 08 Feb 2011, 21:10 GMT

That would be AWESOME (and probably very hilarious!)


2. Crunc United States 09 Feb 2011, 00:28 GMT

Unless there are some major improvements in accuracy, I can see this being infinitely frustrating. Plus it's unclear to me how you would release the slingshot since Kinect can't see fingers. So I really doubt it will support Kinect. Obviously it's going to come to XBLA, but not to Kinect.


3. hrnyseany United Kingdom 09 Feb 2011, 10:37 GMT

That would blatantly be a hit, Angry Birds is Awesome!!! Also it would be quite easy to program it to do the sling shot. For one you could hold your hand over the sling to start with, pull it back swiping the hand to the left and to make it go swipe your hand to the right at the angle you want the bird flying at. Pretty straight forward logic and also would add an extra element to the game to make it more interactive for the kinect as dependant on the angle you swipe right depends on where your birdy is going making it more interesting? Agree disagree?

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