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Kinect to Receive its First Wartime First-Person Shooter

Posted Thu, 10 Feb 2011 by James Newton

Very real

Very real

Heavy Fire: Afghanistan is real

The other day we told you about a new Kinect first-person shooter called Heavy Fire: Afghanistan leaked by Gamefly. Since then we've been in contact with developer Teyon, who has confirmed the game is very real and on the way to multiple formats in April.

The Heavy Fire series has appeared on WiiWare in the form of Heavy Fire: Special Operations, with follow-up Heavy Fire: Black Arms on the way soon, with both titles following the same on-rails gameplay style.

The WiiWare titles control character movements automatically, leaving the player to fire at the enemies on-screen arcade style, which would certainly work on Kinect.

Publisher Mastiff Games is expected to unveil more information about the game, including screenshots and video footage, very soon, so stay tuned to Kinectaku for more.

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  • Heavy Fire: Afghanistan (Xbox 360)

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1. King_Boo United States 10 Feb 2011, 13:15 GMT

can kinect even work with a single finger, aren't all the menus done with full hand gestures? maybe they plan to have a gun overlaid on the players hands and use each hand as a point of reference for aiming. Still don't know how you'd fire unless it's opening and closing your hand.


2. James United Kingdom 10 Feb 2011, 17:40 GMT

I agree, it's going to be really interesting to see how this is going to work without buttons. Let's see!


3. Podunk United States 10 Feb 2011, 22:02 GMT

Actually the Kinect firmware was updated back in December. It is said to now support finger movement, facial gestures, eye tracking etc. All of which is supposed to be implemented in the Spring update. They quadrupled the resolution of the camera with a firmware update. It now supports 640x480. None of the current games support or have been patched to take advantage of this yet afik.

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